Individual programming

Tailored to your needs

Programming to cover your workflows and requirements with intuitive software


LAUN IT supports you with:

Individual interfaces

High-performance and efficient interfaces between leading systems and the connected subsystems.

Smart applications

We program smart, intuitive applications to facilitate and automate previously time-consuming and complex processes.


From the workstation via authorizations to the supplementary program. Through the correct linking of their work steps and program-controlled logging, your effort for employee supply can be reduced many times over.


Data preparation

The data is there, but unfortunately in different programs. We bring your data together efficiently and enable an efficient evaluation or further use of the data.


Individual. Tailored. Professionell.

Benefit from years of experience at the customer’s site. Our programming is tailored to your needs and is implemented in such a way that it will last for years to come. This includes, in addition to clean programming, a properly developed and documented concept as well as a complete documentation of the implementation and function in practice.

Our programming is always state of the art.

We develop code in the following programming languages and platforms

C#, JAVA, .Net, .Net Core, ASP MVC, PHP,

Windows, Windows IoT, Linux

We provide client applications, web applications, Windows services, console applications for testing, prototypes

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