Security technology

Protect yourself from unwanted surprises!

Some people are more and others less happy about unexpected visits. What both parties have in common is that they would like to pick up this visit at the entrance door and not already in the middle of the assembly hall. Laun IT will work with you to develop your individual security concept so that you won’t have to face such surprises in the future.




LAUN IT supports you with:

For access control - individually adapted to your needs

Protect your entire factory or office building. Secure individual zones with higher security levels. Assign authorizations easily with a comfortable software. We will gladly answer all your questions about access control.

With professional and above all simple visitor management!

Visitors are simply entered into the system days before the actual meeting in your company, automatically receive an email with all relevant data such as contact person in your company, date, time and duration of the meeting, as well as the areas in your company that the person is allowed to visit. At the reception desk, visitors are then simply scanned and receive their visitor badge, on which all data is recorded.

During the safety training

It is extremely important to instruct visitors and outsiders accordingly so that effective accident prevention can be implemented. We offer you the right application for this.

When choosing the right hardware

Laun IT works together with well-known companies such as Gantner and Interflex, whose access terminals and hardware and software meet the highest standards.

Laun IT guarantees you to only use high-quality products Made in Germany or Made in Austria.

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Individual. Tailored. Professionell.

What we understand by the generic term security technology.

  • Physical access control by means of verification or identification with different technologies such as RFID, biometric (fingerprint, veins), QR codes.
  • Passenger flow control
  • Separation of persons
  • Automatic reporting of high security areas
  • Planning of escape route situations
  • Consulting of applicable components for doors, gates, locks, etc.
  • Software-supported allocation of access authorizations
    • Regulated by superordinate Wokflows with automatic access granting if all approvers have agreed.
  • Connection to hazard management systems
  • License plate recognition with automatic barrier opening if necessary

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